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Five Daily Thoughts: Firings, suspensions and Lowry, oh my



Article Summary:

Marc Spears interviews Kyle Lowry

The Undefeated caught up with Kyle Lowry and talked all things Toronto and Miami an everything in between. Fight night

So a one-game suspension for LeBron James and a two-game suspension for Isaiah Stewart? Sounds about right, I guess; maybe I’d have given Stewart four or five games. Walton done

Luke Walton never gets another coaching job, right? That run with the Golden State Warriors clearly had much, much more to do with the players and with Steve Kerr’s system than anything Walton did.

It will be great to see the team healthy, but I also must express some caution here; we’re all waiting on Yuta like he’s gonna turn the team around, when it’s much more likely he’s just another role who’s not appreciably better than the guys who are currently playing, and who’s got six weeks of rust compiled.

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